Indonesia’s President Sent His Special Envoy to Participate in Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2014

Indonesia’s Minister of Marine and Fisheries, H.E. Sharif C. Sutardjo, acting as the special envoy of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, has participated in the Blue Economy Summit, held in ADNEC on the 20th of January 2014, as a part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2014.

During his three days stay in the Emirates, the envoy has also conducted meetings with prominent business persons such as Lulu’s owner, Mr. M.A. Yousuf Ali and the Chairman of Nakheel, Mr. Rashed Ahmad Lootah.menteri perikanan

The Government of Indonesia who pays large amount of attention on the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week has also assigned its Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, H.E. Susilo Siswoutomo, to participate in the 4th IRENA Assembly and the IORA Renewable Energy Ministerial Forum.

The vice minister also had the opportunity to visit the Mubadalah Oil Company and the Masdar City Mega Project beside his meeting with the representative from Horizon Energy.

Abu Dhabi, January 21st, 2014

Perayaan HUT RI ke-65 di Abu Dhabi

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